White Label

White Label

White label - It is an easy solution to get you start up your financial business. The White label Package is an inclusive solution to your business needs, It takes care of the technological aspect of your business to helps you designed it based on the customer needs. If you look deep down it is our software but it's your own rules and it's your logo, your firm and most importantly it is your trademark. They will find a solution to your Forex business.

The Package includes

CRM to track your new customers coming into the shops. Which includes up to 10 users 10 users integrated with your website. It will also open your own account opening which protects against money laundering. And the most important it comes up with your own branded trading platform.

No risk:

Everything of your client's trades is offset to the software named BlackParrotGame.
If you have any partners they do not have any risk to worry about.
Most importantly if you have a partner each of their clients gets an individual BlackParrotGame account.

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