Web Terminal

Meta Trader 4 (Web Terminal)

Meta Trader 4 is the world’s most popular trading platform for professionals. Any other trading hub is unnecessary, because access to stocks, Forex currency pairs and commodities, and indices are all available through one main hub. The trading platform is 100 percent browser-based, and it is available around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is not any software to download when using MT4, and the same features, resources, and functionalities are being offered as with the app.

Some of the main attributes to using MT4 include a user-friendly platform with tools, market information and much needed features that are accessible any time of day through the week. Movement inside the market is documented and can be accessed and read through the simple use of graphs and charts to show movement in the simplest of terms. Meta Trader 4 also provides its users with an overview of active contracts which have been completed. Moves and information from other traders is provided in real-time, which can be used while mirroring others who have been successful in the industry. Traders at any level can use MT4, because it has been simplified for any user to understand. MT4 maintains its powerful system that is unmatched and necessary for all traders with any level of competence and mastery.

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