Signal Trader

Signal Trader

What is Signal Trader?

This is an innovative tool used for automated trading all across the board, for all financial instruments. With our help, our clients are able to do trades just as expert traders do with their sophisticated trading systems.

The trading tool and how it works:
All of the displayed trades are live, with real money, are executed in real time with full disclosure on our website.
These trades are executed with experienced traders that have years of successful, and proven results.


Our expert traders were all handpicked, with an evaluation process by the Signal Trader team.
You can configure your portfolio according to the trading activities of the systems you will be following. This system allows you full control of your own risk preferences. You will be able to trade in real time, keep track of all your trading activities and positions.

Why should you use Signal Trader?

·There are no hidden fees

·There are no monthly charges

·Ease of use of the automatic trading system

·Full automatic execution trading

·Ability to invest with FOREX, Indices, and Commodities at will

·Ability to invest like expert traders and analysts, that you like

·Make your own ratio risks

·Do trading in real time

·Start with a free demo account, to learn the system

·Receive alerts by email frequently

·Access to informative statistics and analytics

Here's how to get started, it's quite simple:

1: Pick your favourite expert investors and preferred trading system

2: Start an new account, or connect to Signal Trader if you already have an account

3: Get started trading, emanating your favourite trading system

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